Ten reasons why shuffleboard is an authentic way for traditional pubs to jump on the experiential trend

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Who doesn’t love a good pub game?  From quizzes to board games, expert tastings to beer pong; games and experiences are high on the hit list for pub-goers these days as they become increasingly experience-driven. According to The PUB Trends Report 2019, only 12% of pub-goers want ‘no games or experiences’, so that leaves the […]

Brewdog selects SHUFL

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The story of Brewdog is nothing short of spectacular, the 11-year-old craft beer business founded by two friends in 2007 was valued at just under £1billion last year.  As James Watt (co-founder) says in his book 'Business for Punks - Break all the rules the Brewdog way': "Rip up those old stuffy textbooks, reject the [...]