Hoteliers want guest to puck off!

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It seems that getting your guests to puck off and play SHUFL is the perfect solution to the age-old hotelier challenge of how to get guests to eat, drink and stay rather than head out for drinks, food, and entertainment.

We have long know the correlation between increased wet sales and SHUFL gameplay, in fact, the numbers are quite staggering.  For example, one hospitality venue in Manchester measured £114k of incremental wet sales from their two Shuffleboards over a 12 month period.  The instant gratification of being able to enjoy playing SHUFL without prior experience is a significant contributor to why so many players spend a couple of hours on SHUFL the first time they ever play.  This is perfect for guests who may be encountering SHUFL for the first time at your hotel, they do not need training or previous experience to play and when they do play… they eat, drink and stay!

A well positioned Shuffleboard will facilitate a great atmosphere in your venue spreading enjoyment to other guests nearby.  One international traveler playing SHUFL for the first time in London said: “I ended up making friends, that wouldn’t have happened without the game.”

In the recent hospitality report ‘The road to 2025’, Congnizant says “we see the hospitality industry evolving experience-orchestrated services… for loyalty customers.”  SHUFL is also a fantastic way to reward loyalty cardholders with free games, giving your preferred guests additional value and incentive for staying at your hotel.

SHUFL is so much more than just a bar-game, it facilitates dwell time and incremental F&B sales.  We would love to discuss with you how SHUFL could help transform your hotel, bar or venue, simply contact us at