Pick of the week at LIDL 20/1/22 to 26/1/22

LiDL Pick Of The Week This Week 20th January – 26th January 2022 Leave a comment

Hi Mam’s, already have further information for the LiDL Pick Of The Week for this week? Kindly check LiDL Pick Of The Week 20th Jan – 26th Jan 2022 for further information on below.

Through the LiDL Pick Of The Week you will get many best prices for 12 Deals your weekly meals and making you easier managing your weekly budget before spending money and choose the best one you need.

Go find the amazing prices for the newest LiDL Pick Of The Week period 20/1/2021 – 26/1/2022 for your special supermarket offers.


Pick of the week at LIDL 20/1/22 to 26/1/22



What’s Specialbuys in LiDL Pick Of The Week UK for this week?

  • Oaklands Organic British Carrots
  • Oaklands Asparagus Spears
  • Oaklands Tangerines
  • Oaklands Brown Onions
  • Mango
  • Oaklands Blueberries
  • Oaklands Scottish Parsnips
  • Oaklands Scottish Carrots
  • Oaklands British Brown Onions
  • Oaklands Scottish Maris Piper Potatoes
  • Scottish Swede
  • 2 Beef 28-Day Matured Sirloin Steaks with Sriracha Butter
  • Birchwood British Turkey Breast Steaks
  • Lighthouse Bay 4 Breaded Cod Fillets
  • Deluxe British Beef 36-Day Matured Rump Joint with Mustard Butter & Bone Marrow Gravy


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Hopefully, the deals above can help you manage weekly household finances before shopping. If you need further information about latest LiDL Offers, brochures and more promotion, you can visit the LiDL’s web lidl.co.uk. Please be sure that the availability and price can be changes at any time depending on the store’s own policy.

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