Gasworks Manchester – £206,731 in their first 12 months

In May 2017 Gasworks Manchester added two SHUFL tables into their micro-brewery bar on First Street. Since our shuffleboards were installed the Gasworks have seen an average of 20% Month on Month in gameplay. As a result, they have installed two new tables into another existing site and will install a further four into their new venue.

The Gasworks and SHUFL worked hand in hand to drive people to play the game and teach best practice. The game was unknown to this bar and their customers, but just look at the numbers below to see what can be achieved when the game is adopted like the staff at the Gasworks did.

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Top three benefits of SHUFL – Youssef Spiro

shuffleboard installation

Increases revenue

Increased duration

Increased atmosphere

blue speech

We were able to work with the staff at the gasworks to monitor closely the sales of drinks and food in relation to the shuffleboard players.

Success factors since launch

2,171 games of


£30,880 in pure
game play

£175,851 in wet
and food***

£206,731 in total
from 32m2 

**based on 3.6 average from hour recordings over 10 days at Gasworks bar
***based on £22.49 per person per hour average from hour recordings over 10 days at Gasworks bar

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