The story of Brewdog is nothing short of spectacular, the 11-year-old craft beer business founded by two friends in 2007 was valued at just under £1billion last year. The IPA is what started it all for BrewDog. With Punk, JackHammer, Born to Die to name just a few, BrewDog have constantly pushed the limits to create an awesome hop explosion.

In the mid 2000’s James and Martin realized that there weren’t many craft offerings in the UK, and already homebrewers passionate about what beer could be, they started BrewDog in their hometown of Fraserburgh.

Their uncanny insights and expert timing of the craft beer market trends could well explain why Brewdog has embraced Shuffleboard. Opening their first-ever SHUFL centric venue in Leeds, called Shuffledog.


  • Create brand awareness around Leeds, due to it’s location.
  • Form a BrewDog community for the student demographic
  • Generate more awareness online and interact with the target audience

Within three years of installing the shuffleboards :- 


Brewdog, Leeds has established its self as the go to bar for students 

image003 (2)

SHUFL has become a powerful USP with three unique tables


Brewdog has seen more online tagging via social media with students embracing the unique shuffleboards

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