Boston Pool Loft – mind-blowing comparison

Boston Pool Loft in Liverpool was designed initially with pool, snooker and ping pong in mind. This “modern-day man-cave” were delighted with the customer responses when they introduced SHUFL to their entertainment mix, however, the mind-blowing impact shuffleboards had on retention and revenue was nothing short of positive in comparison to their traditional games.

The shuffleboards create an environment and good interactions as its so addictive, it certainly offers variety to Boson Pool Loft.

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% of game turnover in 2017 for Boston Pool Loft

Ping Pong - 4%
Shuffleboard - 17%
Pool and snooker - 79%
impressive for and unknown game!!

How does SHUFL compare for space ?

They set up with
the following games

2 x snooker, 9 English, 4 American,  
2 ping pong & 2 shuffleboard tables

147% more – compared
to snooker and pool

You can fit two shuffleboards in the space required by three english pool tables 

750% more 
compared to ping pong

In the space a ping pong table requires you can fit two shuffleboards